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40 Rue du Président Édouard Herriot, 69001 Lyon, France

At APYDAY, the approach is straightforward: providing you with comprehensive and personalized support to orchestrate your corporate event! From initial briefing to execution, every step is meticulously tailored to craft an occasion that mirrors your identity, aligns with your company’s principles, caters to your particular requirements, and suits your budget.

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APYDAY organizes all types of events from 5 to 1000 people: seminars (in France or abroad), inaugurations, conventions, meetings, anniversaries, Christmas parties, team-building days… and much more! In short, all the opportunities for you to come together.


The method of the APYDAY event agency


  1. Taking your brief and understanding your requirements to design a 100% personalised event
  2. Search for suitable venues and service providers
  3. Logistical management and coordination before, during and after the event
  4. Being there for the duration of your event: you have the right to enjoy it too!


With APYDAY, choose to experience an event that is useful and beneficial for you and your guests. It must inspire motivation, involvement, and a desire to engage together. Smile, you’re at Apyday!

The advantages

  • Adaptability
  • Flexibility
  • Responsiveness

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40 Rue du Président Édouard Herriot, 69001 Lyon, France

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Yves Rioton - Séminaires Business Events

A charming agency, an efficient female team for your Events and Public Relations projects

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