Une rencontre professionnel original au safari de Peaugres avec une salle de séminaire équipée pour vos interventions professionnels
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Safari of Peaugres

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Safari de Peaugres, D821, 07340 Peaugres, France

Organizing a seminar at the Safari de Peaugres offers a unique and stimulating environment for your employees! It will strengthen team cohesion by encouraging group activities and collaboration in a relaxed setting.

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Immerse yourself in the universe of the great Canadian north! Between black bears and arctic wolves, sleep in a cabin perched in the heart of the forest, a few meters away from these great carnivores. Each cabin of the Canadian getaway has its own universe, thanks to a unique and original decor.


For two, with your family, with friends or in a group, choose your perched cabin and live an unusual night! Take advantage of the large terrace of your cabin to enjoy an Ardéchois menu, contemplate the stars or soak up the sounds of nature. Have breakfast while admiring the sunrise and with the first greeting of the arctic wolves and bears. See bears and wolves in a unique way, day and night.


Why organize a seminar at the Safari de Peaugres?


Organizing a seminar at the Peaugres Safari offers a unique and stimulating environment for your employees! It will strengthen team cohesion by encouraging group activities and collaboration in a relaxed setting. Also, wildlife activities can bring a different perspective and renewed energy to professional discussions!


Presentation of the Peaugres Safari


The Safari de Peaugres is a wildlife park located in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region of France. It offers a unique wildlife experience, allowing visitors to explore the park by car or on foot to observe the animals in their natural environment. The park is home to over 1,000 animals of more than 80 different species, including lions, giraffes, rhinos, zebras, elephants, antelopes and many more. In addition to driving safaris, the park also offers activities such as bird of prey shows, meetings with animal caretakers and walking tours to discover the different habitats of the animals.


Choosing Peaugres Safari for your next team outing will be the perfect incentive for team bonding and will encourage group activities and collaboration in a relaxed setting. 🦁

Suggested activities

  • Visit and culture

Room capacities

Rooms Réunion Réunion Théatre Théatre Conference Conference En U En U Rang d'école Classe Banquet Banquet Cabaret Cabaret Cocktail Cocktail Lumière du jour Lumière du jour
Grande Yourte (100m2) - - 135 35 60 90 -
Yourte Altaï - - 50 19 36 45 -
Yourte Gobi - - 50 19 36 45 -
Logo Safari De Peaugres

Favérieux Hugo


Safari of Peaugres



The Safari de Peaugres is located only 1 hour from Lyon, Valence and Saint-Etienne, and 1h30 from Grenoble and Montélimar. Highway A7, exit n°12 CHANAS

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Audrey Saatdjian - Séminaires Business Events

Atypical and exotic setting for memorable meetings.

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