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Event scenography for your corporate events

Set design plays a crucial role in the success of a professional event, transforming ordinary spaces into immersive, memorable experiences. Before exploring our selection of scenographers, understand how these creators of ambiance use their art to underline your brand identity, engage your audience and foster interaction.


A good scenographer adds inestimable value, combining creativity, innovation and functionality.


The Art of transforming a corporate event with a set designer


Choosing a scenographer for your corporate event means transcending the traditional boundaries of event planning to create a truly unique and memorable moment. The scenographer‘s expertise goes beyond simple decoration; he conceptualizes and creates a complete universe that envelops participants, stimulating their senses and amplifying the message you wish to convey during the event.


This visual artist uses light, space, color and texture to evoke emotions, encourage engagement and promote total immersion in your brand’s identity and values. By entrusting the scenography of your event to a professional, you ensure not only impressive aesthetic coherence, but also functionality and fluidity that enrich the experience of every participant. A skilled scenographer transforms an e

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Reception Entreprise Les Spheres Des Possibles

La Sphere des Possibles


Expert De L’événementiel Novelty

Novelty Lyon

Experts & Specialists serving the events industry! Specialists in sound, lighting, image, stage structure, electrical distribution and technical venue management.

Bess Event Film événement

Bess Event

Bess Event is an agency specialized in the organization of professional events, offering services of rental and operation of technical equipment as well as coordination of integral events.

Prestataire Technique ABLE Events

ABLE events

ABLE events, technical service provider for events and specialist in audiovisual integration for over 20 years. From the rental of equipment to the realization of specific projects!


Delta Service Organisation

The know-how and experience that DSO possesses thanks to its 28 years of activity are the essential assets that allow us to conceive and realize to perfection the projects that you entrust to us.

Vos événements Professionnels Avec Dushow

Dushow Marseille

DUSHOW is first and foremost a state-of-the-art expertise, thanks to a team of ultra-competent and passionate experts. For 40 years, DUSHOW has become a key player in the field of events, offering one of the largest and most qualitative parks in Europe.

Choosing the ideal scenographer for your next professional event


After consulting our list of scenographers, you’re ready to select the professional who will bring your vision to life.

Whether your event calls for a specific style, a bold theme or total immersion, these expert scenographers offer tailor-made solutions that change the conventional. Their design skills, combined with an in-depth knowledge of the latest trends and technologies, ensure that your event will not only be visually impressive, but also perfectly aligned with your objectives.


Exploring event scenography


Event scenography isn’t just about aesthetics; it also encompasses the technical and logistical aspects that are essential for a smooth-running event. Scenographers work closely with organizers to design spaces that facilitate circulation, optimize interaction and ensure the comfort of participants.

From the selection of furniture to the integration of audiovisual solutions, every detail counts to create a unique ambience and a seamless user experience.


By choosing a scenographer for your professional event, you are choosing an event that stands out, captivating your guests from the moment they arrive and leaving a lasting impression.

How much does it cost to hire a scenographer for an event?
What’s the difference between an event decorator and a scenographer?

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