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Toulon, the city that combines Mediterranean charm and modern infrastructure, is a perfect destination for organizing your corporate seminars. With its pleasant climate, strategic location on the French Riviera, and a diverse range of venues suitable for any type of event, Toulon presents itself as the ideal setting to blend work and relaxation.


Whether you’re looking for seminar venues in Toulon that combine history and modernity, or you want to create a customized event, our guide/selection will help you navigate through this dynamic metropolis to find your hotel, meeting room, event venue, or castle to accommodate your teams. 👇

Everything for your seminar in Toulon!


Discover a range of exceptional venues for your seminars: from the Convention Center, capable of hosting a wide variety of events, to equipped hotels offering modular and well-equipped rooms in the city center. Each venue is unique and promises to make your event memorable, benefiting from a central location and tailor-made services.

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Eautel Toulon Port

Eautel Toulon Port ****

The Eautel, a boutique hotel, is located in the heart of the historic center of Toulon, with direct access to the city, to the centers of tourist interest, to the beaches and to the port of Toulon.
This charming 4* hotel whose decoration is inspired by the theme of water and its historical link with the city of Toulon, offers a break for the organization of your events: seminars, conventions, meetings, team building, festive evenings, afterwork…

Rugby Club Toulonnais

Rugby Club Toulonnais


Discover the spaces for your next professional events with the Rugby Club Toulonnais ! The RCT Campus and the Mayol Stadium offer dedicated spaces to organize your seminars, conventions, work meetings, exhibitions, product launches and other professional events.

Renting a meeting room for your seminar in Toulon


Whether you’re looking for an intimate atmosphere or a space capable of hosting a large group, Toulon offers a variety of options. From cozy and well-equipped seminar rooms located in the historic center to venues that can accommodate larger events with all the necessary technology for their success.


Where to stay for your corporate event in Toulon


For a residential seminar, some hotels combine luxury and breathtaking sea views, offering meeting rooms and spaces for team-building activities by the sea. It’s the perfect option for those looking to impress and provide an unforgettable experience.


Discover the most beautiful hotels for your seminar in Toulon


Hotels offer facilities tailored to the needs of professionals, with equipped rooms and sea views, ensuring a motivating and productive atmosphere.


A bit of history by opting for a Hotel in Toulon or surroundings


Enjoy Toulon’s rich history by staying in places steeped in heritage, such as hotels located near the Opera and the National Maritime Museum, adding a cultural touch to your professional stay.


Toulon has a rich and varied history, shaped by its strategic position on the Mediterranean coast of southern France. Founded by the Romans, the city gained importance in the Middle Ages as a military port. During the 16th century, it became a major naval base for the French navy, a role that influenced its development and architecture. The construction of the Toulon harbor, one of the most beautiful and safest in the world, reinforced its position as an essential military port.


In the 18th century, Toulon was the scene of many important historical events, including the siege during the French Revolution in 1793. It was during this siege that Napoleon Bonaparte, then a young artillery officer, distinguished himself and began to make a name for himself. The city suffered significant destruction, but it was quickly rebuilt and continued to develop, retaining its strategic importance in France’s maritime defense.


In the 20th century, Toulon continued to thrive as a naval base but also diversified its economy with tourism and culture. The city was heavily impacted during World War II, experiencing bombings and occupation. After the war, Toulon undertook extensive reconstruction and modernization projects. Today, it blends its historical heritage with modern dynamism, attracting visitors and new residents with its pleasant climate, picturesque landscapes, and rich culture.

Séminaires business events vous présente Toulon séminaire

Why organize a seminar in Toulon?


Toulon is not just a beautiful city; it is also an economic and logistical hub with easy access via major highways, the TGV train station, and even by boat. Its range of modern infrastructure is perfectly suited for any type of seminar or corporate event.

How to Get to Toulon


By Train:

  • Toulon is well served by the TGV network, facilitating fast travel from major cities like Paris and Lyon. Toulon train station, located in the city center, is a central arrival point for those who prefer the comfort and speed of the train.


By Plane:

  • Toulon-Hyères Airport, located about 20 minutes by car from Toulon, offers regular flights from several major French and European cities. Shuttle services, taxis, and car rentals are available at the airport to facilitate transfer to the city center or your seminar venue.


By Car:

  • Toulon is accessible by the A50 highway, which connects the city to Marseille (to the west) and Nice (to the east). This coastal route offers spectacular views and allows for flexible arrival for those traveling in group or prefer a private transportation option.


By Boat:

  • The port of Toulon is a major maritime hub in the Mediterranean. It hosts ferries from Corsica and other Mediterranean destinations. This is a particularly attractive option for those who wish to combine a corporate event with a maritime experience.




Now that you know the city of Val Thorens, let’s plan your next event together.


  1. Define the objectives of the seminar


It is essential to clearly define the objectives of your seminar. These objectives will guide the content and structure of the event, whether it’s strengthening corporate culture or fostering collaboration among teams. Internal communication or employee motivation can also be key objectives to consider.


2. Elaboration of the seminar budget


After establishing the objectives, it’s time to work on the budget. This should cover all aspects of the event, including the venue (with or without accommodation), team-building activities, catering (price per person), necessary equipment, and participants’ travel expenses. It’s wise to include a margin for unforeseen expenses to ensure that your seminar runs without a hitch. Discover the offerings of event professionals (hotel, castle, estate, or restaurant)!


3. Selection of the seminar date


Choosing the right date for your seminar is crucial to ensure maximum participation. Avoid holiday periods or public holidays when your team members may have other commitments. Opt for a date that suits the majority and minimizes scheduling conflicts.


4. Determination of the format and type of the seminar


Based on your objectives and budget, determine the format and type of your seminar. You could opt for a training day, a residential seminar over several days, or a company convention bringing together all departments. Each format has its own advantages and disadvantages, so choose the one that best suits your needs and those of your participants to ensure a unique experience.

For more information, discover our article to prepare and organize your seminar.

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