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Blog News 25 Ideas for Company Christmas Tree Animations 🎄🌟

25 Ideas for Company Christmas Tree Animations 🎄🌟

The end of the year is approaching, and with it, the traditional company Christmas tree party. In metropolises like Paris, Lyon, and Marseille, event agencies and companies are in high demand to orchestrate these celebrations, turning each event into an unforgettable moment with a unique theme: It’s an opportunity to strengthen bonds between colleagues, celebrate the year’s successes, and immerse in the magic of the holidays.


The employees’ children, at the heart of these festivities, eagerly await the shows and animations that will take them into a magical world. The works councils, or CSE, in close collaboration with event agencies or internal communication, play an essential role in organizing these parties. Thanks to their expertise, these agencies or organizers offer a variety of themes and animations tailored to each company, ranging from creative workshops to captivating performances, not to mention team building seminars to strengthen team cohesion. Seminars Business Events also helps you organize your Christmas tree party.


The choice of venue for this type of event will be crucial: it must be both warm and welcoming, reflecting the festive spirit of the evening while comfortably accommodating all employees in a magical theme. Finally, beyond the traditional entertainment, the Christmas tree party also offers companies the opportunity to introduce team building activities, thus fostering a harmonious and productive work environment.



Christmas show, creative workshops, Christmas stories, musical entertainment, tasty snacks 🍭 and many other activities are on the agenda. For you, Seminars Business Events has listed 25 ideas that will make your company’s Christmas tree party an unforgettable moment. 🤩



Animation arbre de noël pour entreprise

🎅 I- Animations:


During a company Christmas tree party organized by a company, the animations are of paramount importance. They are not just simple distractions, but the very essence of the celebration. Designed and organized by an event agency, these animations, often equipped with innovative equipment, transform a simple end-of-year gathering into an unforgettable moment for everyone, whether they are children or adults.


More than just entertainment, they can have a team-building dimension, encouraging interactions, breaking down barriers between colleagues, and strengthening team spirit. It’s a unique opportunity to escape the constraints of everyday professional life, to share a moment of relaxation, complicity, and to celebrate the end-of-year holidays together.


Here are our ideas for Christmas tree party animations:


1. 🎅 Arrival of Santa Claus : Imagine the stars in the eyes of both young and old when Santa Claus makes a surprise entrance, gift bag in hand, to spread the magic of Christmas.


2. 🎉 Christmas Show: Treat your guests to a moment of wonder with an enchanting show, whether it’s a magic performance, puppet theater, or a choir singing festive melodies.


3. 🖌️ Creative Workshop: Stimulate creativity by offering a workshop where everyone can create their own Christmas decoration or draw a unique greeting card.


4. 🤹 Strolling Performers: Surprise your guests with performers moving among the crowd, offering magic tricks, juggling performances, or even stilt-walking acts.


5. 🧚🏼‍♀️ Popular Mascots: Create unforgettable photo moments with beloved character mascots, from Mickey to Olaf.


6. 📜 Interactive Christmas Story: Immerse your guests in a magical world with a professional storyteller, recounting the most beautiful Christmas stories.


7. 📷 Christmas Photocall: Create lasting memories with a festive photo area, created by a specialized photo agency, equipped with fun props and fairy-tale decoration.


8. 🖌️ Makeup Stand: Transform both young and old into their favorite characters, whether they are superheroes, princesses, or festive motifs.


9. 🎈 Inflatable Games: Let the children let off steam and have fun on inflatable structures, ensuring laughter and entertainment.


10. 🎶 Musical Entertainment: Whether it’s a live band playing Christmas classics or a DJ mixing the latest hits, music is the soul of any successful party.


11. 🍡 Pastry Workshop: Invite your colleagues to get hands-on by making and tasting Christmas cookies, for a moment that is both gourmet and friendly.


12. 🎲 Christmas Quiz: Test your guests’ festive knowledge with a fun quiz. A perfect team-building activity to mix teams and strengthen cohesion.


13. 🙌🏼 Personalized Gifts: Show your gratitude by giving each guest a small gift, whether it’s an engraved Christmas bauble or a homemade candy bag.


14. 🎥 Photo Animation: Capture the smiles and highlights of the evening with a professional photographer, for memories that will last forever.


15. 🔖 DIY Gift Workshop: Offer a space where everyone can create a small gift, whether it’s a scented candle or a handmade piece of jewelry.


16. 💃🏼 Dance Performance: Dazzle your guests with a dance performance, whether it’s classical ballet or contemporary dance to festive tunes.


117. 🎤 Party Karaoke: Let your colleagues take the stage and perform their favorite Christmas songs, for moments of complicity and guaranteed laughter, thanks to professional equipment rental!


18. 🧩 Board Games Area: Set up a dedicated area for board games, for friendly moments where strategy and fun come together.


19. 📼 Christmas Movie Screening: End the evening gently with the screening of a Christmas classic by a photo/video agency, for a shared moment of relaxation.


20. 🎄 Immersive Decoration : Amaze your guests by transforming your reception venue into a real winter landscape, with fairy lights, Christmas trees, and suspended snowflakes.


21. 🧘🏼 Relaxation Area: Arrange a cozy corner with comfy armchairs, blankets, and subdued lighting, ideal for events and discussions for a relaxing break.


Gouter de Noël

🍬 II- Christmas Snack


Incorporating a snack during your company Christmas tree party is a wise decision that goes beyond simple tasting. It is a central animation, a real journey back to childhood that can evoke sweet moments spent with family around the Christmas tree. For the present children, the snack is an exciting moment, eagerly awaiting sweet delights and the possible appearance of Santa Claus.


You can enlist the services of a specialized gastronomy agency for the organization of a snack or dinner. This will allow you to simplify the rental of suitable space and equipment, ensuring a choice that will delight both young and old. Furthermore, in the context of a seminar or a large corporate meeting, the snack offers a friendly break, strengthening cohesion among colleagues.


Here are some inspirations for your company Christmas snacks:


22. 🍭 Gourmet Snack: Awaken the taste buds with a sweet buffet consisting of crepes, waffles, and a candy bar overflowing with festive treats.


23. 🍴 Dinner Show: Combine culinary delights and entertainment by offering a gourmet meal punctuated with artistic performances, for an evening that combines flavors and emotions.


24. ♨️ Hot Chocolate Bar: There’s nothing like a creamy hot chocolate to warm the hearts of both children and adults! Offer a bar with different flavors, spices, and toppings for a personalized beverage.


25. 🍹 Festive Cocktail Bar: Elevate your party with a bar offering season-inspired cocktails, from traditional to the most original.




🌟 Organizing a company Christmas tree party is much more than just a festive evening! 🎄


It is a major event that, orchestrated by specialized event agencies, your happiness manager, or internal communication, offers a unique opportunity to strengthen the bonds between colleagues. In Marseille, Lyon, or even Paris, many companies, guided by their Works Council (Comité d’entreprise) or Employee Representative Committee (CSE), turn to these event experts to transform this celebration into an unforgettable moment.

Discover all the reception venues with or without accommodation that can host your Christmas tree party


Whether it’s a show, creative workshops for children, or team-building activities for adults, every detail counts. Each of these activities and snacks can be adapted based on the size of your company, the budget allocated to the event, and the preferences of your employees.


Discover all the caterers who can help you organize your Christmas tree party snack or dinner


Agencies offer a plethora of ideas and themes, adapting the event to the budget and expectations of each company. From finding the perfect venue to requesting a quote for a surprise visit from Santa Claus, everything is designed to make this evening one of the flagship events of the year. The important thing is to create a warm and festive atmosphere that will be etched in memories!


Discover all the event agencies that can help you organize your Christmas tree party

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