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Planning a corporate event in Lyon, the capital of French gastronomy, offers a unique opportunity to delight your colleagues with authentic and timeless cuisine! Before exploring our selection of Lyonese caterers, consider the importance of choosing a service that not only understands Lyonese culinary excellence but also knows how to adapt it to the atmosphere and specific needs of your event.


From regional specialties to gastronomic innovations, these selected Lyon caterers will make your seminar an unforgettable moment.

Find the Perfect Caterer in Lyon for Your Corporate Event


Our partners such as Agence Idego, Eclaireurs Pâtissiers, Mamie Kocotte, C-Gastronomie, Chef Pizza, La Fine Fourchette, Nomad Kitchens, Magner le Moment M, and Traiteur del Forno offer a variety of culinary options tailored to every occasion.


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Mamie Kocotte

At Mamie Kocotte, the focus is on a cuisine crafted from fresh, seasonal ingredients, all homemade. It’s fundamentally a family story, where traditional dishes meet today’s modernity


For 15 years, C-Gastronomie has positioned itself as the Lyon partner for major meetings, congresses, and gatherings with family or friends.

Idego Assemblage Creation De Cuvee

Agence IDEGO

IDEGO, a wine and food events agency since 2011, offers unique experiences dedicated to team-building and corporate seminars in Lyon and the surrounding area. Whether it’s through oenological games, rallies in the heart of Lyon, or events combining gastronomy and cocktail making, IDEGO excels in creating memorable events, inspired by its passion for the world of gastronomy and oenology.

Nomad Kitchens

Nomad Kitchens is the food agency that takes you on a journey! Discover innovative catering concepts ranging from a personalized catering service, to organizing festivals, and even the development of lifestyle venues rooted in the local area.

Vos événements Avec Le Traiteur Magner Le Moment M

Magner Le Moment M

Exploring tastes and trends since 1989, Magner, a member of the Traiteurs de France, creates prestigious receptions, from the elaboration of the specifications to the arrangement of the venue, combining originality of flavors and subtlety of decoration.

Traiteur Monsieur Antoine Live Show Lyon

Mister Antoine

Mister Antoine is an event caterer specialized in live cooking or show cooking to animate a dinner, a party, a company cocktail or a stand at a trade show.

Chef Pizza

The home pizza chef of Lyon and its region offers you his pizza bar, a pizza workshop, or even team building activities to liven up your corporate events or seminars. Share a friendly and gourmet moment with CHEF PIZZA !

Les Éclaireurs Pâtissiers, spécialiste de la pâte à choux

The Pathfinders Bakers

Focus on originality and delicacy for your corporate events: seminars, cocktail parties, inaugurations, company breakfasts, birthdays, etc. With Les Éclaireurs Pâtissiers, a single-product pastry shop and caterer in Lyon, specializing in choux pastry with original sweet and savory creations.

Finalize the Organization of Your Corporate Event with a Typically Lyonnaise Caterer


After browsing through our selection of caterers in Lyon, you now have an overview of the best options for your corporate event. Choosing a caterer in the gastronomic capital of France not only allows you to enjoy quality cuisine but also immerses your guests in a world where culinary tradition and innovation meet.


Find the caterer that suits your needs. From customized services ranging from cocktails to buffets to the preparation and organization of a menu featuring seasonal products, caterers offer quality services often accompanied by a team of professionals. Some products such as meal trays can be directly provided with a delivery service for your home events.


Adding a catering service to your events helps to dynamize interactions among colleagues, creating an environment conducive to informal exchanges and fostering professional relationships. Moreover, the presence of a caterer adds a touch of elegance and conviviality to your corporate events.


A Bit of Lyon’s Gastronomic History and Culture


Lyon boasts a rich culinary history dating back to Roman times. However, it was in the 19th century that the city truly asserted itself on the gastronomic scene, thanks to the “Mothers of Lyon”. These talented cooks laid the foundations of Lyonese cuisine, highlighting simple yet flavorful dishes, prepared with quality local and seasonal products. Iconic figures like Paul Bocuse later modernized this tradition, making Lyon a meeting point for gourmets from around the world.


Lyonese Gastronomy: A Pillar of Event Planning


Organizing your corporate event in Lyon offers a unique opportunity to explore this culinary richness. The selected Lyon caterers for your event can offer you authentic Lyonnaise specialties such as:



Incorporating these elements into your upcoming events is not only a gastronomic choice but also a way to celebrate Lyon’s culture and history, thus creating a memorable experience for your guests.

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