Les Belleville Seminar: Organizing a Seminar in Les Belleville


Les Belleville, with its charming villages and spectacular alpine setting, offers an ideal venue for organizing corporate seminars. Accessible and well-equipped, this destination combines luxury, comfort, and a variety of activities to ensure the success of any business event.


Whether you’re looking for seminar venues in Les Belleville that combine history and modernity, or you want to create a tailor-made event, our guide/selection will help you navigate through this dynamic metropolis to find your hotel, meeting room, venue, or castle to host your teams. 👇

Everything for Your Seminar in Les Belleville!


Les Belleville is home to a diverse range of venues suitable for all types of seminars. From modern and well-equipped venues in the heart of the city to picturesque sites in the mountains, each venue offers a unique experience. These spaces are perfect for team building activities, intensive workshops, or plenary conferences. You can easily find spaces that combine functionality and aesthetics to inspire creativity and collaboration.

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Vos Séminaires Dans L’hôtel Le Kaila

Le Kaïla Hotel *****

Located in the ski resort of Meribel, the five-star Le Kaïla Hotel & Spa is a prestigious resort that offers an exceptional luxury experience. This modern hotel perfectly combines traditional mountain charm with high-end amenities and attentive service.

Higalik Hôtel – 3 Vallées ****

The Hôtel Higalik meets the needs of a wide range of French and international clients: 4 seminar rooms with high-performance technical equipment and adaptable, comfortable furniture. The Telemark restaurant: culinary hedonism. Mauricette In the Sky: an intimate boutique offering gourmet products. And last but not least, the Sothys spa: a timeless treatment experience (swimming pool with 180° view, steam room, sauna).

La Bouitte Savoie façade Séminaire Hiver Montagne

La Bouitte Relais & Châteaux *****

Discover La Bouitte 5* Relais & Châteaux, a luxury haven in Savoie with 15 rooms, including 3 suites, and a complete spa. Enjoy the exceptional cuisine of its 3 restaurants, including the famous 2-star Michelin René & Maxime Meilleur, and enjoy unique team-building experiences in the magnificent setting of the 3 Valleys.

Ours Blanc Hotel

Ours Blanc Hotel & Spa ****

L’Ours Blanc is a mountain Hotel & Spa with great proposals for your seminars and other corporate events. It offers a sporty setting with easy access to winter sports and a relaxing environment for business groups. Perfectly located in the valleys of the mountain, close to famous resorts such as Alpe d’Huez and the 3 Valleys!

Paysage Enneigé Proche De L’hôtel La Chaudanne Séminaire à La Montagne

La Chaudanne Hotel ****

Located in the heart of the Meribel ski resort in the French Alps, this four-star hotel is an ideal place to stay for travelers seeking comfort and relaxation.

Mont Vallon Hotel ****

Enjoy a successful stay in a chalet hotel in Meribel, where wood and warm colors take center stage. Beautiful and spacious communal areas invite conviviality and relaxation, offering a stay that prioritizes authenticity.

coup de coeur

Palace des Neiges *****

Your seminar in Courchevel in the heart of Savoie with the Palace des Neiges *****: Invite, bring together, reflect and make a success of your professional meetings... Everything is possible in this must-see hotel & spa in Courchevel!

Meeting Room Rental for Your Seminar in Les Belleville


Rental options in Les Belleville are varied, ranging from high-tech conference rooms in luxury hotels to more intimate spaces in mountain chalets. Each venue is selected for its unique ambiance and superior quality services, ensuring that each seminar is both productive and memorable. Venues often highlight local elements, such as regional gastronomy, enriching participants’ experience.


Where to Stay for Your Corporate Event in Les Belleville


Choosing the right accommodation is crucial for the success of a seminar. Les Belleville offers over 100 options, from boutique hotels to large hotel complexes, all equipped to meet business needs. These establishments not only offer comfortable rooms but also meeting facilities and catering services tailored to professional groups.


Discover the Finest Hotels for Your Seminar in Les Belleville


Hotels in Les Belleville are not just places to stay; they are partners in seminar organization. With versatile meeting rooms and customized services, they facilitate the organization of study days and residential events. Peripheral options, such as castles or restaurants with private rooms, offer exceptional settings for more intimate meetings or gala evenings.


Adding History by Choosing a Hotel in Les Belleville or Surroundings


Incorporating a historical element can add an additional dimension to your event. Les Belleville, rich in history and culture, offers this opportunity. Opting for a hotel that reflects the region’s history can transform a standard seminar into an immersive and enriching experience.


Les Belleville, a municipality located in the Tarentaise Valley in Savoie, consists of several villages, including Saint-Martin-de-Belleville, Les Menuires, and Val Thorens. The area has a rich history reflected in its traditional buildings and preserved natural environment. Historically, this region was mainly agricultural, with a strong involvement in livestock farming and dairy production, before becoming a center for winter and summer tourism​.


With the evolution of economic activities, Les Belleville has transformed into a popular destination for winter sports. The construction of the Les Menuires ski resort in the 1960s marked the beginning of this transformation, followed by Val Thorens, the highest ski resort in Europe. This transformation was crucial for the region’s economic development, attracting tourists from around the world and making the valley a must-visit destination for ski enthusiasts​​.


Today, Les Belleville is recognized not only for its exceptional ski slopes but also for its rich cultural heritage. The municipality offers a range of cultural activities and leisure opportunities, from hiking in summer to various winter sports, as well as discovering local gastronomy and traditional Savoyard architecture. It is a destination that exemplifies how Alpine communities can balance modernity and tradition.

Séminaires business events vous présente Les Belleville séminaire

Why Organize a Seminar in Les Belleville?


Les Belleville is not just a meeting place; it is an inspiring destination. With its growing economic importance, strategic position in the French Alps, and excellent transport infrastructure, the city is perfectly equipped to host seminars of all sizes. Add to that the natural beauty and numerous relaxation opportunities after meetings, and you have all the ingredients for a successful seminar.



By Air

The nearest airport is located in Chambéry, which is about 100 kilometers from Les Belleville. Other options include the airports in Geneva and Lyon, both approximately 180 kilometers away. Shuttle services or car rentals are available at these airports to facilitate transfers to Les Belleville.


By Train

The nearest train station is located in Moûtiers, about 27 kilometers away. Moûtiers is well-connected by TGV and regional trains from several major French cities, including Paris. Once in Moûtiers, you can take a taxi or a local bus to reach Les Belleville.


By Road

If you’re driving, Les Belleville can be reached via the A430 motorway to Albertville, then the N90 to Moûtiers, and finally the departmental roads leading directly to the various villages of Les Belleville. This option offers maximum flexibility to explore the region at your own pace.




Now that you know about Les Belleville, let’s plan your next event together.


  1. Definition of the objectives of the seminar


It is essential to clearly define the objectives of your seminar. These objectives will guide the content and structure of the event, whether it’s about strengthening corporate culture or fostering collaboration among teams. Internal communication or employee motivation can also be key objectives to consider.


2. Development of the budget for the seminar


After establishing the objectives, it’s time to work on the budget. This should cover all aspects of the event, including the venue (with or without accommodation), team-building activities, catering (price per person), necessary equipment, and participant travel expenses. It’s wise to include a margin for unforeseen expenses to ensure that your seminar runs smoothly. Discover the offerings of event professionals (hotel, castle, estate, or restaurant)!


3. Selection of the seminar date


Choosing the right date for your seminar is crucial to ensure maximum participation. Avoid holiday periods or public holidays when your team members may have other commitments. Opt for a date that suits the majority and minimizes scheduling conflicts.


4. Determination of the format and type of seminar


Based on your objectives and budget, determine the format and type of your seminar. You could opt for a training day, a residential seminar over several days, or a company convention bringing together all departments. Each format has its own advantages and disadvantages, so choose the one that best suits your needs and those of your participants to ensure a unique experience.

To learn more, discover our article that will help you prepare and organize your seminar



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